Schools & Universities

Schools & Universities

Over the recent years, educational institutions, from schools to universities, have witnessed a significant shift away from traditional textbooks towards the integration of computers and tablets as essential teaching tools. Students now primarily engage with lessons through classroom computers and complete assignments on school-issued laptops or tablets. While this transition has contributed to a reduction in paper usage, it has also led to a concerning increase in e-waste generation within educational facilities.
In addition to laptops and tablets, educational institutions house a multitude of electronic devices, including phones, televisions, printers, servers, cables, and various other electronics. These devices constantly need replacement due to wear and tear or technological advancements. Implementing a robust recycling program within schools not only imparts knowledge in subjects like math and history but also instills a sense of environmental responsibility in students.

How can e-Waste Hawaii assist in this endeavor? e-Waste Hawaii has a rich history of working with educational institutions, offering a range of customizable solutions to meet each school’s unique electronics recycling requirements. Whether your school is planning a one-time equipment upgrade or requires periodic pickups throughout the year, e-Waste Hawaii can tailor a service plan to address all your recycling needs.

Flagship Palletized Carton Service

Designed for institutions with large and recurring volumes of e-waste, our flagship service provides heavy-duty palletized cartons that can be conveniently stored on-site. When these bins are filled, a simple call to us initiates a collection within 72 hours. We replace the full bins with empty ones, ensuring a seamless process. This service is particularly beneficial for larger schools or college campuses, with each bin accommodating 30-40 desktops or similar-sized equipment. Bulky items such as server racks and copiers, which cannot fit inside the bins, can also be collected simultaneously. Given its efficiency and volume, this service may even be available free-of-charge in certain cases.

One-Time or Recurring Pickups

Computer & Electronics Recycling
For educational institutions with limited storage space or lower e-waste volumes, we offer the flexibility of one-time or regular pickups. Our professional team can visit your location to collect the electronic equipment slated for recycling. This convenience ensures that you can quickly return to the task of educating your students while we handle the recycling process. Qualified pickups meeting certain quantity criteria may even qualify for no-charge service.

Recycling for College Campuses:

Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Building Collections
Our more specialized solution is designed to cater to college campuses and building management entities. We coordinate with you to schedule a designated date when all faculty and staff are informed about the opportunity to safely dispose of various types of electronic waste. On the scheduled day, we arrive with the necessary trucks or containers and can make rounds to multiple buildings or areas of the campus to collect the electronic equipment for proper disposal. This approach allows buildings without the capacity to store bins to still participate in regular electronics recycling.
Rest assured that all electronics collected are handled with the utmost care, ensuring that no waste ends up in landfills or harms the environment. Devices containing sensitive data, such as hard drives and cell phones, undergo thorough data erasure or destruction. e-Waste Hawaii prioritizes client privacy, guaranteeing that personal information and data will never be accessed or viewed.

What We Accept

Discover the wide range of electronics that we accept for recycling. You’ll be amazed at the variety of equipment that can find a sustainable second life through e-Waste Hawaii.
By partnering with e-Waste Hawaii for your school or college campus’s e-waste recycling needs, you can maintain an eco-friendly environment, free from electronic waste. Schedule your e-waste pickup with us today for peace of mind and a greener tomorrow.