e-Waste Hawaii offers
e-Waste Hawaii offers comprehensive data destruction solutions designed to securely and efficiently safeguard your confidential information.
At e-Waste Hawaii, we prioritize the protection of sensitive data and strict adherence to data privacy regulations. That’s why we provide secure data destruction services, ensuring that organizations can safely dispose of their data.

Our Data Destruction Process:

Step 1: Initiate the process by requesting our data destruction services. You’ll need to provide details about the type and quantity of equipment requiring data destruction.

Step 2: We will furnish you with pricing details and prepare a contract for NAID AAA data destruction services.

Step 3: Assemble all equipment slated for data destruction, along with any additional items for recycling, in a designated location.

e-Waste Hawaii takes over:

Step 4: Our professional teams will personally collect the equipment from your office, establishing custody, and transport it securely to our facility, where it is stored in a secure cage before destruction.

Step 5: Our highly trained staff will methodically destroy all data stored on the devices.

Step 6: Upon completion, e-Waste Hawaii will issue a certificate of destruction, which includes a serialized list of the devices that were securely destroyed.

It’s important to note that we do not rely on subcontractors or third parties for equipment pickup, transfer, or handling during data destruction. Direct custody transfer from our clients to us is essential to safeguard data. When you choose e-Waste Hawaii for data destruction, you work exclusively with our team throughout the entire process.
Effective planning is crucial for the successful execution of our data destruction services. Please provide an accurate count of the equipment slated for destruction when requesting our services. This information allows us to handle and secure your equipment optimally. We can manage large volumes of hard drives or equipment for destruction; however, early awareness of substantial quantities helps us plan accordingly.
Storage devices, such as hard drives and tape drives, can either be left inside or removed from the equipment before pickup.

Interested in on-site Data Destruction?
Consider the following:
● Non-operational hard drives cannot be destroyed through software methods.
● Equipment for physical destruction can be costly to purchase and install.
● Physical destruction generates debris and materials that can be challenging to recycle.
● Machinery used for shredding or physical destruction may have dangerous components.
● Removing hard drives from electronics can require additional tools and valuable time.
● Magnetic degaussing only affects magnetically stored data, not solid-state drives.
Before attempting data destruction yourself, contact e-Waste Hawaii. We offer physical shredding services to destroy hard drives, tape drives, cell phones, and other data-containing devices. With our mobile shredders and facility-based equipment, we provide multiple solutions for your data destruction requirements. Contact us today!


Secure Data Destruction Methods: At e-Waste Hawaii, we employ two methods to ensure data is destroyed beyond recovery:

Physical Shredding: This method physically destroys storage media, mixing fragments together for complete data obliteration.
Digital Overwriting: This method renders data unrecoverable through overwriting or erasure operations, purging all data from the media. Digital overwriting includes an independent erasure verification process for added security.

We offer both physical shredding and digital overwriting methods for data destruction. If you have a preference, please inform us during the service request (additional charges may apply).

Storage Devices Requiring Data Destruction: We securely destroy data on various devices and storage media, including:

  • Encased hard drives within desktop computers, laptops, servers, or all-in-one systems.
  • Loose hard drives (mechanical, solid-state, NVMe, M.2, and storage on embedded motherboards).
  • Tapes: LTO, DLT, DAT, AIT, DDS, and SLR (loose or enclosed).
  • Cell phones.
  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray disks, USB sticks.
  • Reel-to-Reel tapes.
  • 3” and 5.25” floppy disks.
Our certifications cover on-site and facility-based operations for the destruction of:
● Physical hard drives.
● Solid-state devices.
● Non-paper media.
● Product destruction.

A certificate of destruction (COD) documents the equipment destroyed, including serial numbers of storage devices, date of destruction, and the method used. It serves as proof of compliance with regulations and industry standards, ensuring the data destruction was completed satisfactorily.
Product Destruction Services: For those needing more than electronics recycling and data destruction, e-Waste Hawaii offers NAID AAA certified product destruction services. We provide product destruction for proprietary and general electronic equipment. If you require these services, please contact our offices to discuss your specific product destruction needs.
Regulatory Compliance: e-Waste Hawaii recognizes the significance of complying with industry regulations and standards for asset disposal and secure data destruction.
We assist companies in adhering to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) by securely destroying protected health information (PHI) stored on hardware and electronic media. HIPAA mandates proper PHI disposal, and we provide secure destruction services for healthcare organizations, complete with certificates of destruction and stringent security protocols.
Our destruction methods align with the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Special Publication 800-88 Revision 1 Guidelines for Media Sanitization. Additionally, our data destruction service is certified as NAID AAA by iSigma, representing the highest level of security and diligence for data destruction companies. We take pride in this certification, assuring our clients that their data is managed in line with industry standards.
The Cost of Professional Data Destruction: While cost is a crucial factor in secure data destruction, it’s important to remember that improper data disposal can lead to higher expenses through data breaches and compliance violations.

Choosing a professional service like e-Waste Hawaii offers several advantages over in-house data destruction:

● Data destruction companies with professional expertise and specialized equipment guarantee genuinely unrecoverable data.
● Opting for professional services enhances security and instills peace of mind.

Before attempting in-house data destruction, consider:

● The expense of purchasing and installing equipment for physical destruction.
● The challenge of recycling debris generated by physical destruction.
● The potential danger associated with machinery used for shredding.
● The additional tools and time required to remove hard drives from electronics.
● The limitations of magnetic degaussing on solid-state drives.

Our team of experts is trained to handle various storage media types, ensuring proper and secure data destruction.

The cost of our secure data destruction services varies based on the volume and type of devices or storage media to be destroyed. When you contact us, please provide details about the quantity and equipment you need for data destruction so that we can offer you a customized quote.

Begin with e-Waste Hawaii Data Destruction: Securing data destruction is vital for safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations. We are confident that our data destruction services can securely dispose of data from all your equipment, while our product destruction services offer comprehensive equipment disposal.

At e-Waste Hawaii, we take pride in our equipment and expertise, committed to providing clients with the assurance that their data is handled by professionals in accordance with industry standards and regulations. Contact us today to discuss your data destruction or product destruction needs and to receive a tailored quote.

Using e-Waste Hawaii’s Electronics Recycling Service without Data Destruction: Whether or not you opt for data destruction services, rest assured that we will never access, copy, or view any data on the equipment we receive. When customers utilize our electronic recycling service without data destruction, we still sanitize the data, ensuring it is unrecoverable to NIST