On-Site Data Destruction

On-Site Data Destruction

Data breaches have become increasingly common, prompting companies to seek more secure methods for data and hard drive disposal. With our on-site data destruction services offered by e-Waste Hawaii, you can witness the secure shredding of your hard drives. Your hard drives and sensitive data remain under your control and within your custody, ensuring peace of mind.
We employ cutting-edge trucks equipped with hard drive shredders to destroy old hard drives. Our shredders are fully capable of obliterating magnetic hard drives (HDD), solid-state hard drives (SSD), backup tapes, and mobile phones.
Convenience for Your Business Our on-site services mean that we come to your location. Simply schedule a convenient time, and we will arrive with our trucks, prepared to securely destroy your data. Regardless of your business’s location in Oahu, New Jersey, or New England, we can promptly and properly dispose of your company’s confidential information.

Concerned about hard drives still being inside equipment? Or batteries remaining in phones? Not a problem! Our proficient crews can remove them on-site, eliminating any hassle for you. Just inform us of your requirements when you make your request.
Our methods are not only secure and effective but also compliant with HIPAA and government standards, ensuring the proper destruction of your hard drives before disposal. After all hard drives have been destroyed, we will furnish you with a certificate of destruction for your records. Read

Our on-site service is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Your Work Ends Here!

Step 1: Request our data destruction services, and we’ll gather details for a quote.

Step 2: Gather your equipment for data destruction and any additional equipment for recycling in one location.

Step 3: (Optional) Remove data-containing devices from electronic equipment. If you prefer not to, e-Waste Hawaii can handle it as an add-on service.

e-Waste Hawaii Gets to Work!

Step 4: Our dedicated crews personally collect your equipment for data destruction directly from your office and transport it to our shredder. Unlike many competitors, we do not rely on subcontractors or third parties. When you choose e-Waste Hawaii, you work exclusively with us!

Step 5: Our professionally trained staff serialize and shred your data-containing devices through our shredder, allowing you to witness the process.

Step 6: e-Waste Hawaii sends you a certificate of destruction, including a serialized list of data-containing devices that were destroyed and their source units.

Our Commitment to You: We will NEVER view, copy, or otherwise access any data on the equipment we receive.

On-Site Data Destruction Services Include:

● Data destruction via hard drive shredding
● Certificates of Data Destruction are provided
● Our commitment to you: 100% data destruction with full HIPAA and government compliance.
Advantages of on-site data destruction:
● Convenience for your business
● Compliance with HIPAA and government standards
● Guaranteed 100% data destruction
● Real-time witnessing of data destruction

e-Waste Recycling In addition to hard drive destruction, we will responsibly recycle any computers, servers, laptops, phones, and other electronic equipment. This ensures the safest and most environmentally friendly way to dispose of outdated electronics. Simply discarding old computers, laptops, and electronics can pose data security risks and harm the environment. With e-Waste Hawaii, you can rest assured that your data is erased, while also contributing to environmental preservation and freeing up office space.
Have other electronics that need recycling? View a comprehensive list of accepted items on our website.

Industries We Serve We have successfully partnered with numerous businesses in Oahu, and Honolulu across a wide range of industries.

Our extensive experience in providing on-site services extends to the following sectors:

● Banks
● Financial services
● Government agencies
● Healthcare institutions
● Legal firms
● Engineering firms
● Biotech companies
● Information services
● Mass media
● News media
● Educational institutions (schools and universities)
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