Electronic Recycling

e-Waste Hawaii offers a convenient, secure, and eco-friendly solution for recycling your outdated electronics, including computers, servers, printers, laptops, phones, and more. In today’s fast-evolving technology landscape, the need to replace obsolete electronic devices has surged. While disposing of these old products in the trash may seem easy, it’s not only harmful to the environment but also exposes you to data theft risks. In Oahu, electronic equipment disposal in the trash is illegal; recycling is mandatory. Fortunately, e-Waste Hawaii makes electronics recycling and data destruction hassle-free and cost-effective.

We provide your business with efficient, secure, and expert solutions for recycling old computer equipment and ensuring the complete destruction of data during the end-of-life process. Our services include:
Equipment Removal and Recycling Services: Simply gather all your electronic equipment in one location within your office, and our professional team will come directly to your office to remove the equipment. We then transport it to our facility in upstate Oahu, where all items are processed in-house. Importantly, we maintain custody of your devices throughout the entire process, from your location to our certified pickup crews.
Data Destruction Services: e-Waste Hawaii offers serialized data destruction services, providing detailed documentation of data destruction for all received materials. While we sanitize all data on electronic equipment during recycling, this service offers an extra layer of security.
Product Destruction Services: If you need to destroy confidential or proprietary products, our product destruction services are designed for that purpose. We thoroughly document the destruction of any confidential or proprietary products your company has.
Residential Recycling: While our primary focus is on commercial recycling, we also encourage the residential community to use our eBox, a residential mail-in service, or to bring their equipment to our facility in Upstate HI (Honolulu, HI).
We proudly serve businesses in 10 miles radius of Downtown Honolulu. e-Waste Hawaii is fully insured and committed to responsible and sustainable practices. We ensure that no electronics enter landfills, handling all devices in an environmentally responsible manner.
Why Choose e-Waste Hawaii: With over 11 years of experience, we’ve assisted over 2500 businesses in recycling their electronics responsibly. Our rigorous policies and procedures guarantee responsible recycling and data security. We are registered with the Oahu State Department of Environmental Conservation as an electronic waste recycling facility, licensed as a Document Destruction Contractor by the state of Oahu, and certified by iSigma for providing NAID AAA certified data destruction services.
We Serve All Types of Businesses: e-Waste Hawaii has worked with over 400 different companies across various industries, including architecture, broadcasting, construction, entertainment, finance, healthcare, hospitality, information services, internet, manufacturing, mass media, music, news media, publishing, retail, software, and telecommunications. Regardless of your industry, we have the expertise to meet your recycling needs.
We Accept a Wide Range of Office Electronics: We welcome a variety of electronic devices for recycling, including desktop PCs, laptops, servers, cell phones, printers, photocopiers, scanners, radios, projectors, VCRs/DVD players, cable/satellite boxes, speaker systems, LCD monitors, phone systems, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, toner, and TVs. Please note that hazardous materials such as single-use batteries, light bulbs, and smoke detectors are not accepted.
Thank you for considering e-Waste Hawaii for your electronic recycling needs. If you have any questions, explore our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly. When you’re ready for a pickup, submit a request today!